As a therapist, my style is intuitive, authentic, and collaborative.

My approach:


Is Relational:

Relational therapy pays explicit attention to the client-therapist relationship, recognizing experiences between client and therapist as opportunities for corrective emotional experiences. We will pay special attention to our relationship, using Attachment Theory and Psychodynamic thinking, which focuses on how the quality of your early relationships shapes your sense of security in the world.  Through the exploration of our relationship, we can learn more about how you build trust, relate to your needs for dependence and intimacy, and navigate getting your needs met in relationships- which can help to create lasting change outside of the therapy room.


Considers Environment and Context:

Much of our identity, and how we come to understand ourselves and our experience in the world, is formed by the social, political, environmental, and ecological systems we live in and are exposed to. We will explore the many layers of experience which have contributed to who you are- including your experiences around privilege, race, gender, sexuality, ability, and class- and explore how these experiences impact your thoughts and feelings about yourself and the world around you.


Utilizes Mindfulness:

I will encourage you to slow down, get curious, and reflect on how you are feeling in the moment. This may include thoughts, feelings, images, or body sensations you are having as you share a story with me. Through this process, you will develop greater awareness, and learn to connect with yourself and your experience in a deeper way.  Often simply noticing how we are really feeling can set in motion the change we are seeking.  


Incorporates Body Awareness:

We will use mindfulness based, body-oriented approaches that bring awareness to your body’s sensations, that will support you in developing a stronger connection to your internal experience. This process will allow you to be able to listen to and understand the physical messages of your body in new ways. This understanding will help you to feel more connected to your intuition and truth, and will support you in feeling more clarity around your needs and boundaries.


Engages the Spiritual:

Regardless of your spiritual orientation, I believe it is important to honor and understand your underlying beliefs around interconnectedness and how those beliefs inform your approach to life and relationship. If you are interested, we can include ritual in our sessions with the intention of supporting self-care and the cultivation of your greater vision. Ritual can also be used to mark beginnings, endings, and important transitions.

I believe there are many additional resources available which can support your healing process, including song, movement, art, and writing. At any point in our process, we may decide to explore your experience using one or many of these tools.