Therapy for your Soul

to support you in grieving & releasing your pain,

embracing & expressing your heart’s desire,

and coming vibrantly alive.

Check in.

Check in with your feelings. Check in with your body. Check in with your soul.

Drop in.

Drop in to your grief. Drop in to your joy. Drop in to your desire.

Come home.

Come home to your heart. Come home to your truth. Come home to your power


If you have a desire for deeper intimacy with yourself and those around you-

You feel a longing for a stronger inner sense of who you are and greater access to your intuition, a longing for more freedom to express yourself authentically and whole heartedly-

And you also have a need to let go of pain, anger, and disappointments so you can grow and be present in your life-

Lets connect, and we can talk more about what therapy together can offer you.