As a therapist, my style is intuitive, authentic, and collaborative. Here are a few specific modalities that inform my approach:



Relationship blueprints from past experiences impact our current relationships and our sense of self-worth. A relational approach gives special importance to the client-therapist relationship, utilizing it as an opportunity for a corrective emotional experience.

  • This means we we will be actively tending to the relationship that is developing between you and I in our sessions.  I will encourage you to share any thoughts and feelings you are having about our relationship in session.

Attachment Focused

The quality of our early relationships shapes our brains, our nervous systems, and our degree of emotional resilience.  Attachment theory looks at how we bond, find a sense of security, and navigate getting our needs met in relationships. Our work in therapy will gradually help you build more secure attachments.

  • As we become more conscious about what is happening in our relationship, we will be exploring how the dynamics present in the therapy room are related to your experiences in relationships outside of the therapy room


Bringing our attention and curiosity to your thoughts, feelings, and sensations as they arise, without judgment. Learning to be more mindful is an important life skill that will increase your awareness and insight in service of transformation.

  • This means we will be slowing down, increasing our presence, noticing what is happening in the moment in our work together.


AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy)

AEDP aims to restore ones access to his or her full range of core emotions, like fear, anger, joy, sadness and disgust, that play a powerful role in survival and aliveness. We will identify events that have forbid the healthy expression of these feelings and build a safe environment to overcome your unconscious strategies to resist them.

  • In the therapy room, we will make space for ‘forbidden’ feelings to emerge, and facilitate bringing these parts of you out of exile, and back into relationship.

Somatic Pschology & Hakomi 

Mindfulness based, body-oriented approaches that bring awareness to your body’s sensations, structures and habitual patterns in order to access unconscious core material, including the hidden core beliefs which shape your life, relationships, and self-image.

  • As we get more mindful, you will build awareness of your internal experience, and be able to listen to and understand the physical messages of your body in new ways.

Ecopsychology & Ecotherapy 

Emerging fields that are developing in recognition that human health, identity, and sanity are intimately linked to the health of the earth and must include sustainable and mutually enhancing relationships between humans and the nonhuman world.


I believe there are many additional resources available which can support your healing process, including music, movement, art, ritual, and writing, just to name a few.  At any point in our process, we may decide to explore your experience using one or many of these tools.