Groups and Workshops

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Mother’s Day Support Circle

Come gather with other adults who lost their mothers at a younger age. Take time to connect with yourself, and with others who share the experience of mother loss.

This group will provide a community grief space to reflect on the impact the death of your mother has had on you and your life- and how you are feeling on this Mother’s Day.

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Girls Group!

A 8-week group for 7th and 8th grade girls

Girls Group! will bring together a group of 10-12 7th and 8th grade girls to talk about the things that matter to them. My co-facilitator Andrea and I will be holding a girls circle, where girls will learn how to check in with themselves, and to share how they feel with a group. We will be using expressive arts activities to support girls in exploring their inner world, and sharing that inner world with others. Our intention is to support girls in feeling more connected to themselves, and to those around them- helping to boost self esteem, and build healthy relationships as the grow.

Summer Slow-Down

- Summer 2018 ::: Oakland, CA

Ease into the heat of summer with the Summer Slow-Down, a group designed to support you in sinking into the summer spirit through activities and exercises which will invite you to get present, move slowly, and take in the gifts that sensual experience has to offer.  We live in a busy time and busy place, and finding ways to slow ourselves down can sometimes feel impossible. The inertia and speed of our technological lives mixed with the demands of Bay Area living can take its toll - which is why it is important for us to find ways to take time and slow down, so we can feel more grounded and connected to ourselves and each other.   

Groups will be held in studio space, as well as outdoors.  Sliding scale $300-$450. 

Group will include 6 weekly meetings July-August   -    Please email directly for more information!


Show Your-self : Circle for Creatives in Hiding                   

- Spring 2018 ::: Oakland, CA

Are you a singer, painter, writer, dancer... in hiding? Many of us hide, bury, and protect our creative force from the eyes of the outside world. Aligning with the birthing, outward energy of springtime,  Show Yourself will be a space for your creative in hiding to explore and play with peaking out and sharing dreams, passions, and creations with a supportive, encouraging audience. Whether it is bringing your voice, sharing your artwork, or reading your poetry- this group will be a place where we support each other in bringing our beloved creations out for others to experience.


New Year Winter-Support Circle     


- January - March 2018   

- Oakland & Berkeley

Wednesdays 6:30pm-9:00pm

Dates: January 17th, 31st - February 14th, 28th - March 14th, 31st (Final circle held on a Saturday)

* Circle has been changed to 6 Meetings with sliding scale $300-$450.

With Winter Solstice approaching, we are entering into the darkest nights of the year. As we move further into the darkness, the lessons of our descent, of our shadowlands, are upon us. How do we learn from these lessons of the dark?

In our New Year Winter-Support Circle we will come together, make space for each other, to feel our bodies, weave stories of our winter descent experiences, and find the images and symbols which speak to us and reflect our journey.

Basic Flow of our Meetings:

We will sit in circle together, beginning each meeting with a opening ritual and check in, council-style. From there we will engage in arts, nature, movement, music activity. Following the activity we will make space for reflection, both personally, in dyads, and the group. We will end each meeting with a closing ritual, and creation of self care practice to take with us between sessions. Circle members will be encouraged to keep journals for the duration of the group- whether it is writing, drawing, dreams.. will be up to each individual. Final circle meeting will be held outdoors.

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have - Looking forward to sitting in circle with you!


Please contact me for more information on group offerings