Find Connection- Feel Freedom- Come Home to Yourself

Life is probably feeling pretty hard right now. And maybe it has felt that way for a while.

You are spending a lot of your time thinking about how crappy you feel, replaying regrets and hurts from the past in your head. Usually you muscle through feelings of sadness or loneliness on your own, because when you have reached out for help in the past, it just wasn’t helpful in the way you needed it to be.

You’ve read all the books and the blogs, and sometimes you feel like you can pull it together- but then it always seems like you end up back in this place. You wonder, will life will always be like this? Will you ever be able to have the confidence and joy you imagine other people have? Can you have the dependable and intimate relationships you crave? Will you ever be able to do something that turns you on and contributes meaningfully to the world, in ways that are important to you?

And- there is also some part of you (even if it just the tiniest part) that holds hope that things can be different. A part of you that wants to believe that you can feel more alive, more engaged, and more comfortable being you.

 I hold that hope for you, too - and I want to support you in getting there.


If you have a desire for deeper intimacy with yourself and those around you-

You feel a longing for a stronger inner sense of who you are and greater access to your intuition, a longing for more freedom to express yourself authentically and whole heartedly,

And you also have a need to let go of hurts and disappointments so you can grow-

Lets connect, and we can talk more about what therapy together can offer you.




I love supporting people in knowing themselves more fully through learning how to recognize and express their needs, while also gaining clarity around what they want.  Whether it is creating the romantic relationship you are longing for, or moving closer to your heart-felt essence in your work or creative life, our efforts can support you in following your heart's desires.



Do you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again in relationships? Like maybe you date the 'same kind of person' and it never works out. Or you make it to a certain point in your relationships and then they end. Or maybe committing to any kind of intimate relationship has you feeling suffocated? These experiences are most likely the result of learned relational patterns, that can be reworked in therapy.

Grief & Loss


It’s difficult to know how to make space for your feelings when you are experiencing profound loss. Often, it’s hard to even recognize your feelings of grief- the experience of grief can be so confusing and overwhelming. In therapy, we have an opportunity to feel into your confusing feelings together, and we will work as a team to identify and acknowledge your process- holding and honoring your grief together.


Teen therapy

We all know how difficult adolescence can be. I am here to support teens, pre-teens, and their families in coping with the ups and downs of the teenage years. I work with sensitive and creative teens experiencing depression and anxiety, who are grappling with expressing who they are, and trying to find healthier ways to cope with the stressors in their lives.