Therapy for Teens



    The adolescent years are a tough time. So much is changing in your mind and body, and you are starting the gradual process of developing from a child into an adult. This transitional time can be a great stage in life to engage in therapy. Therapy can help to lay down the foundational self knowledge and emotional awareness that can help your teen to know themselves more deeply, while learning how to connect with those around them and the outside world in a way that works for them. Therapy can also help in beginning to develop a resource 'tool box' by exploring the different ways we can find support and grounding through life's emotional ups and downs.


I have worked with teens and pre-teens in school settings, summer camps, as well as in private practice, and have supported teens in navigating a variety of challenges including:

- Feelings of loneliness, isolation, anxiety, and depression

- Social difficulties, including issues with peers and authority figures

- Difficult experiences within their family including divorce, loss of a parent, and abuse

- Drug and alcohol abuse and use

Typically, with older teens, I like to meet with them one on one for the majority of the sessions, with quarterly meetings with both the teen and one or both of their parents. With younger pre-teens, I may ask their guardians to be more involved in the therapy, coming to sessions more often, as discussed and decided on by the group at the onset of therapy. More sessions including the teen and their guardians may be agreed upon if need or desire for increased support is expressed by the teen or their family.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you or your family may have regarding beginning therapy.