Ready for things to be different?

I am here for you.

I can support you in:

-   Creating honest and meaningful intimate relationships by actively working with you to recognize and rework attachment and relational patterns.

     Relational wounding can show up in you as:

depression, sadness, & disconnection  -   overwhelm and anxiety -  difficulty knowing and expressing how you feel in friendships, partnerships, or groups -  unresolved pain around experiences in your family & early life-  aloneness, where you feel like you can't really depend on others - longing for lasting romantic relationships, but finding that your relationships often end after a couple months - fear of commitment - fear of being alone - finding yourself staying in relationships that aren't satisfying longer than you would like to -fear of conflict and expressing anger

- Sorting through and coping with experiences and feelings associated with loss:

an ending of a meaningful romantic relationship- loss of a family member or close friend, with special focus on women who have lost their mothers- men and women experiencing abortion- environmentally centered grief around the state of the natural world and the condition of our planet- unmet needs and trauma from childhood- grief associated with developmental stages of life and growth

-  Developing greater trust in your intuition and your sense of self, supporting the liberation of your creative energy and power.

     Wounding around being yourself, and being seen, can be experienced as:

struggling with finding your voice and speaking your truth - feeling 'stuck', and uncertain about how to move forward - feeling blocked around sharing your gifts with others - feeling highly anxious about your direction in life, and struggling with indecisiveness-  longing to follow your heart,  but feeling lost, and terrified of failure or judgement    



Please contact me with any questions you have regarding beginning individual therapy.