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I specialize in working with folx who are experiencing:

  • Depression, Sadness, & Feelings of Disconnection: Feeling alone, tired, insecure, lost or stuck

  • Anxiety and Overwhelm when thinking about what you want, difficulty taking action

  • Difficulty with ‘Co-Dependence,’ struggling to create and maintain boundaries, difficulty making space for your self in your life

  • Unprocessed Grief, Anger, and Pain from experiences in your family of origin and early life

  • Grieving the loss of a loved one: a parent who has died, or an important relationship that has ended

  • Frustration around dating, difficulty finding the romantic relationship/s you want

  • Currently in romantic relationship, and feeling unsure, stuck, or apathetic

  • Creative shut down, Cutting off of your creative growth and power

  • Processing feelings around abortion/s, that you are currently experiencing or have experienced in the past

I can support you in:

Self-empowerment & Self-knowledge

  • Confronting parts of your self and your life that you have been avoiding

    • Looking at your thoughts and feelings around your Creativity, Emotional Truths, Career, Grief, Anger, Fear of the Unknown

  • Exploring your relationship to Boundaries, Developing Clarity about your own Needs and Desires

    • Noticing where you have difficulty knowing and expressing what you want or need with other people

    • Getting curious about the parts of your life where you want to grow, but are feeling trapped or stuck

  • Cultivating Self Love

    • Developing awareness of your internal critic, noticing the ways in which you self-attack or criticize in order to protect yourself and feel safe

    • Creating new, more compassionate ways to respond to and tend to your own needs and growth

    • Receiving love and support from your self and from others

Relationships & Intimacy:

  • Looking at your experiences in your family of origin, and past & present relationships, to better understand your beliefs about being close to other people:

    • Exploring your experiences and feelings around Dependence, Trust, Vulnerability, Honesty, and Desire. What are you allowed to have?

  • Working together through fears, anxieties, shame, guilt, and resistance that comes up around the vulnerability of opening up to another person

  • Helping you find and create the romantic relationship/s you want, the friendships that support you, and connection to community that feeds you

Transitions, Unexpected Changes & Loss

  • Learning about the grief you hold, how it impacts you, and what you need to support in your grieving

  • Tolerating painful and overwhelming places together, making sense of the experiences you are having through the lens of grief and the trauma of loss and separation

  • Building resilience through our ability to hold you in your pain, mourning and releasing hurts from the past so that you can move forward in a way that honors your need for connection, and supports you in coming back to life



Please contact me with any questions you have regarding beginning individual therapy.