A Prayer to the Great Mother

A Prayer To The Great Mother

Oh Mother Of The Vast Sweetness Of Silence

I bring to you my worried mind
My spiraling out of control obsessions and anxieties 
My endless stories of comparison and judgment
My multitudinous fears both real and imagined
My incessant litany of self criticism and self recrimination 
And lay them at your feet 
Trusting that they will gently dissolve into the starry night of your blessed emptiness
Vanishing into the cosmic depths of your spacious expansiveness 
Effortlessly transformed into the energy of soundless, wordless light and gently pulsing peace

Oh Mother Of Steadfast Love

I bring to you my deepest needs for connection
My yearning to be witnessed and valued
My burning thirst for acceptance and belonging
My desire to be seen as precious 
My aching to be loved
Allowing them to be held in the boundless compassion of your mamas heart
Letting myself be a child again
Pulling greedily on the hem of your silken robes
Hungry for the sweet embracing smile that is always there
For me and me alone

Oh Mother Of Miraculous Healing

I bring to you my perfectly imperfect body
My lifelong chronicle of illnesses and injuries
Those multitudes of traumas and ailments
That have left me feeling
Damaged, wounded, limping, scarred
I ask for your powerful restorative touch 
Your capacity to make whole again that which has been diminished by time and ordeal
Your ability to bring harmonizing grace to my body and my soul
To teach me to cherish myself in my all too human limitations
As I know you are able to cherish me

Oh Mother Of Expanded Mercy

I bring to you my broken heart
My seemingly bottomless well of grief
My shattered dreams
My darkest disappointments 
My most shameful defeats
And nestle them in your ample arms
Where they can be bathed in the golden honey of your tender beneficence 
Melting away like butter on warm toast
Soothed and comforted by the infinite store of blessed kindness that radiates from every pore of your celestial being 
Like a dazzling, sparkling golden sun

Beckoning me to remember my most essential truth
That I am both human and divine

And to invite me to rise up out of the landscape of loss
To step into the world again
From the deepest luminous core of who I truly am
Who I always was 
And who I was born to be

By: Chris Zydel