Grief Season

I have been feeling the Fall the last couple days. The grief puddle welling up in my chest, asking me to slow down, turn inward, release the pains of loss, and the toxins of long held beliefs around aloneness. Yes- we are in grief season. Where the upward, outward energy of the Spring and Summer has turned into the downward pull of letting go, of leaves falling to the ground. With Samhaim approaching, I am thinking of those I have lost, of ancestors past- of relationships which have ended or changed in ways that are painful, and leave me missing, feeling an ache inside. I also feel the individual and collective pain bubbling up and metabolizing from the chaos and harm being felt in our world - harm we do to each other and to the earth and her beings. It is especially during this season that I find myself needing to reach for the practices, routines, and relationships that support and nourish me in deep, heart-felt ways. Today, I sat down and listed the practices that I know resource and center me- and connect me to my heart: music, art, meditation, moving my body, ritual, time with close friends, time outside. I took my list and started mapping out my next couple weeks, outlining how I am going to use the spaces in my day to walk or sing or journal- or just stretch and breathe. My hope is that I will spend more time connecting to and encouraging my vision, and going outside to watch the light change, and finding warm, cozy gathering time with loved ones. I am hoping these next couple weeks, including the New Moon next week, will also support me in setting intentions for the upcoming cocoon time of Winter, which will call me further inward, even closer to myself.

So- Happy Grief Season my friends. We are all woven in these cycles together- and I wish you tender and intimate time with yourself and your body, comforting and supportive time with your loving community, and connected time with your creativity, mother nature, and forces unseen.

with much gratitude- xo.