The path of the Gardener

I am sitting here on this sunny afternoon reading through a wonderful article written by my friend and colleague, Yulia Livingston MFT, entitled "The Path of the Gardner." She has me feeling moved and inspired by her insight and depth of understanding:

"Tending to anything- especially to what is important to us- takes energy, time, attention, determination and patience. Tending is HARD WORK and sometimes this work is unnervingly slow and tedious. There is no fanfare and no prizes given. On the journey there is often despair, doubts and fear.

It takes HEART to keep at it. It takes DEVOTION to keep showing up.

Nurturing is a VULNERABLE experience. When we give our attention and our time to anything or anyone, we communicate to them, YOU MATTER TO ME.

Gardener, whatever you are growing in your life right now, I SEE YOU! I see how hard you are working to nurture what's most precious to you!  This journey WILL try you!

Sometimes you might feel like walking away, but I think you and I both know that some work is truly SACRED. Like raising kids or deepening into true intimacy with your Beloved or clearing the path that will bring you closer to yourself- this work will take you to the depths of your fear and it will also take you right into the temple of YOUR HEART."

Yulia's wise words have me thinking about the path which leads us closer to ourselves, to our dreams, to our hearts- and how that path can often feel confusing, scary, foggy, overwhelming, and daunting. She also has me thinking about how much having a trusted companion on that journey can help us to keep going, to keep moving toward ourselves, even in those times when we feel like giving up, running away, and hiding.

Therapy can provide that companionship- the space for nurturing, tending, and growing that we all need to bring our dreams into fruition.

Feel free to check out Yulia's blog and her other amazing offerings at: -- or contact me if you think it may be time for you to reach out for support in your journey.